A garage gate is basically a huge door that opens manually or via an electric engine ( tow motor or direct drive garage motor ). Garage doors are often large enough to fit into garages that can accommodate cars and other vehicles.

Small garage entrances, on the other hand, can be made from a single tilting entrance that tilts up to the garage roof with a retractable mechanism. Bigger doors are commonly earned of many jointed boards that slide on rails, parallel to the garage ceiling garage door service Hamilton.

The operating mechanism is counterbalanced by torsion or traction springs to compensate for the weight of the door and reduce the human or automation effort required to operate the door. Less commonly, some garage doors slide horizontally. Doors and garage doors can be made of different materials such as: wood, steel, aluminum or other types of metal and can be insulated to prevent heat loss.

A basic version of an overhead door used in the past would have been built as a single panel. The panel was fixed on each side with a hinged lifting mechanism. The most recent versions of garage doors, the sectional doors, are now generally built from several hinged panels that slide along a system of guides by means of sliding wheels fixed on the individual panels thanks to lifting brackets. The weight of the door is balanced by a system of torsion springs installed at the head or rear of the door or by two tension springs installed in the vertical guides.

A remote regulated motorized instrument for unlocking garage entrances enhances comfort, security and comfort.


Sectional doors are generally made up of three to eight panels and slide upwards in a simple and practical way. Sectional doors are designed to leave the passage hole completely free, unlike overhead doors. The sectional garage door allows the use of the entire garage space and is safe and easy to use, making entry and exit easier.

Garage doors can be made from many materials, but steel, aluminum, and wood are the most popular materials. Some manufacturers incorporate polyurethane foam insulation inside the panel of sectional garage doors.