Top 3 Telugu Must-See Movies

Dive into new Telugu movies with our ‘Top 3 Must-Watch Movies: Can’t Miss!’ Whether it’s love, humorous family struggles, breaking societal norms or unfiltered romantic history, Telugu movies have it all.

Unwind with great storytelling, no need for lengthy descriptions. We’ve got the top 3 for you. Get your popcorn, find your spot, and let the movie magic begin!

#1 Movie: Baby

Missing those college days’ sweet romance, or are you currently navigating campus love? Well, let us introduce you to ‘BABY,’ a swoon-worthy tale of two young hearts tested by the twists and turns of college life and new connections. Dive into a world woven with heartache, trust, and love, where every decision packs a punch. Ready for a rollercoaster of emotions? These type new Telugu movies are for you then!

This new-age love story ventures into the realms of romance and drama, with a stellar cast including Anand Deverakonda and Harsha Chemudu. Guided by the directorial finesse of Sai Razesh and enriched by the musical prowess of Vijai Bulganin, “Baby” promises to be a cinematic journey that transcends the ordinary.

#2 Movie: Samajavaragamana

Meet our goal-oriented hero on a hilariously epic mission. He’s on a wild ride to help his dad snag that degree after 25 years of battles. With unexpected twists, LOL and ROFL moments, and just a hint of romance, Samajavaragamana on aha offers a light-hearted cinematic experience.

Samajavaragamana unfolds over 2 hours and 15 minutes. Prepare for a humorous ride led by an ensemble cast featuring Sree Vishnu, Reba Monica John, Srikanth Iyengar, Naresh, Sudarshan, and Vennela Kishore. Directed by Ram Abbaraju, this cinematic gem is a collaborative effort of Hasya Movies and AK Entertainments.

The lively soundtrack, crafted by Gopi Sundar, adds an extra layer of charm to the film’s narrative. With a screenplay and direction by Ram Abbaraju, and presented by Anil Sunkara under AK Entertainments, Samajavaragamana promises to be a delightful cinematic experience.

#3 Movie: The Great Indian Suicide

Feeling the itch for something enlightening, a bit myth-busting, and a whole lot of analytical fun? This movie is your golden ticket! Brace yourself for a riveting exploration of ‘The Great Indian Suicide’ concept.

In a society where superstitions rule, accompany a family as they go out to find their deceased patriarch. You’re in for a terrifying excursion into Ritualistic-Cult Suicide, but this isn’t your typical Instagram black magic fun reel, so hold on. Will they discover something unbelievable or face their fate? Watch and learn!

This film boasts an intriguing cast featuring Ram Karthik, Hebah Patel, Naresh, Pavitra Lokesh, and Jayaprakash. Helmed by director Viplove Koneti, this cinematic venture is brought to life by Syringe Cinema.

The musical tapestry is woven by the talented SriCharan Pakala. Delve into the soundscape, where SriCharan Pakala’s programming, complemented by Shammah Marcus’s additional touch, creates a mesmerizing symphony. The trailer editing magic is orchestrated by SJ Shivakiran, and the film’s promotion is in the capable hands of MadhuVR.

Final Thoughts

There you have it—all the choices laid out for you! Now, what’s your pick? The romantic allure of “Baby, the thrilling excitement of “The Great Indian Suicide”, the humorous Samajavaragamana or all the three?

Oh, and here’s the inside scoop—looking for the authentic streaming spot? It’s aha!